Who am I: What motivates me

It can sometimes be difficult to put into words what motivates someone’s goals and life choices. When we think about it, most of the time the most obvious answers come to mind. “Because it’s what I love”, or “This is what will make me happy”. But finding the why behind this is a bit trickier. When I graduate, I’d love to go to graduate school and perhaps become a front end developer or who knows, maybe even start my own business. I’ve always been a right brained, creative minded person. I’ve changed my major a few times, and contemplated what career field I want to go into many. But it all comes back to my core motivation. I want to be able to create something that brings amazement and wonder to others. Whether I get into graphic design and create amazing images, or build websites and programs for others who just can’t figure out how to get their vision across; I want to be the one who brings out those intended or desired emotions from viewers. That’s what motivates me, and that’s why I’m here.


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